Customer ValvKeep Viewer

Precision of proud to be recognized as your local authorized Green Tag Center (GTC) for GE Consolidated® safety and safety relief valve products. The GTC authorization gives you the best-in-class benefits of GTC exclusive programs such as factory trained GTC repair technicians, EVTPRO® auxiliary PRV in line testing, SRVSpeQ® valve sizing program, and the one of a kind industry leading ValvKeep® asset management database. Whether it's providing you with a new Consolidated® or repairing your existing PRV, our factory certified Green Tag Center® technicians and inside support people are always available to exceed your expectations.


ValvKeep® II is a state-of-the-art, fully customizable valve management database system designed to assist our customers with the storage, management and maintenance of their safety, safety relief, control and block/line valve historical information. With a variety of reporting methods, this program can greatly assist our customers in maintaining their equipment with day-to-day and outage maintenance needs required to comply with OSHA regulations.


Precision provides complete valve repair, calibration and testing of all types of Gate, Globe, Check, Control, Pressure Seal, Butterfly, Plug, Ball, Knife Gate, Wye Pattern, Stop-Check, Manual Blowdown, Tilting Disc, and Diaphragm Valves. Whether the valve is manually operated or has a sophisticated valve actuation system, our technicians will take total responsibility for the expert diagnosis and repair of the complete package.

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